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Fluted Heart Necklace
Fluted Heart Necklace Sale price$595.00
Pear Drops
Pear Drops Sale price$1,895.00
LOVE Necklace
LOVE Necklace Sale price$695.00
North Star Necklace
North Star Necklace Sale price$695.00
Stackable Star Ring
Stackable Star Ring Sale price$150.00
Heart Studs with Diamond - Single
Arrow Studs - Single
Arrow Studs - Single Sale price$125.00
Star Studs - Single
Star Studs - Single Sale price$225.00
Mosaic Necklace
Mosaic Necklace Sale price$850.00
Ball Hoops - Pair
Ball Hoops - Pair Sale price$425.00
O Stud - Single
O Stud - Single Sale price$275.00
O Stud 1/2 Diamond - Single
O Stud 1/2 Diamond - Single Sale price$250.00
Rainbow Huggies - Single
Rainbow Huggies - Single Sale price$195.00
Amethyst Huggies - Single
Amethyst Huggies - Single Sale price$195.00
Petite Diamond Huggie - SinglePetite Diamond Huggie - Single
Blue Topaz Huggies - Singles
Butterfly Wing Studs - Single
Cadenza Huggies - PairCadenza Huggies - Pair
Cadenza Huggies - Pair Sale price$350.00
Love Knot Ring
Love Knot Ring Sale price$595.00
Bar Stud - Single
Bar Stud - Single Sale price$250.00
Bezel Set Diamond Huggies - PairBezel Set Diamond Huggies - Pair
Blue Sapphire Ombre Huggies - Single
Cherub Signet Ring
Cherub Signet Ring Sale price$595.00
Classic Huggies - Pair
Classic Huggies - Pair Sale price$425.00
Cowboy Boot Stud - Single
Cowboy Boot Stud - Single Sale price$150.00
Diamond Stations BandDiamond Stations Band
Diamond Stations Band Sale price$350.00
Diamond Wrap Ring
Diamond Wrap Ring Sale price$450.00
Hamsa Necklace
Hamsa Necklace Sale price$695.00
Green Garnet Huggies - Single
Full Circle Ring
Full Circle Ring Sale price$295.00
Inlaid Evil Eye Necklace
Inlaid Evil Eye Necklace Sale price$1,250.00
Bezel Set Studs in Yellow Gold - SingleBezel Set Studs in Yellow Gold - Single
Cactus Stud - Single
Cactus Stud - Single Sale price$150.00
Star Stud - Single
Star Stud - Single Sale price$150.00
Red Garnet Huggies - Single
Red Garnet Huggies - Single Sale price$195.00
Emerald Bezel Huggies - Single
Pink Ombre Huggies - Single
Pink Ombre Huggies - Single Sale price$195.00