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From breezy floral prints to sleek silhouettes, each piece exudes charm and refinement, perfect for celebrating love in the sun. Whether you're attending a beachside ceremony or a garden affair, this selection ensures you'll make a memorable entrance. 

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The Lorenza Dress - Victorian Blue RosesThe Lorenza Dress - Victorian Blue Roses
Lotus - Derby BlueLotus - Derby Blue
Lotus - Derby Blue Sale price$410.00
Betina - Victorian Blue RosesBetina - Victorian Blue Roses
The Geranium Dress - Lilac Tapestry RoseThe Geranium Dress - Lilac Tapestry Rose
The Fiorenza Dress - Mauve MistThe Fiorenza Dress - Mauve Mist
Cinzia Dress - Waterblossom NoirCinzia Dress - Waterblossom Noir
Annina Dress - PistachioAnnina Dress - Pistachio
Annina Dress - Pistachio Sale price$410.00
Sandrine Dress - Amelie Floral PinkSandrine Dress - Amelie Floral Pink
Evie Dress - Klimt Stamp Foil DahliaEvie Dress - Klimt Stamp Foil Dahlia
Alina Maxi DressAlina Maxi Dress
Alina Maxi Dress Sale price$390.00