Antonello Tedde

Urtei - Rombi - Black


This Antonello Tedde  tote bag is made using hand woven fabrics. Made of regenerated 100% Cotton it is unlined with a practical inner pocket and a diamond pattern and a vertical central stripe in contrasting colour. A magnet fastens the bag keeping it secure. The bag is made using  authentic Sardinian hand weaving methods in ethically managed factories. This tote bag is perfect in the city to carry all the essentials needed for a busy life. Worn over the shoulder. Width 10 cm. Length 29 cm. Depth 41 cm. Handle 56cm - DROP 28cm.BLACK_BLACK&GOLD coloured thread _base BLACK. MAIN FABRIC 100% Cotton - Hand-woven POCKET 100% Cotton _ Woven. Origin Fabric: SARDINIA Italy - Item Made in Italy. Dry Clean Only. Dust Bag included with branding

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