Salt & Stone

Lightweight Sheer Daily Sunscreen - SPF 40


A 100% mineral, oil-free, sheer facial sunscreen moisturizer that provides SPF 40 protection while helping to protect from blue light.  

This ultra lightweight, silky lotion nourishes skin and is suitable for use under makeup.

Sustainable, Plastic-free, Aluminum tube.

Aluminum is an abundant mineral that is 100% recyclable and a sustainable option for those looking for eco-friendly packaging.
Aluminum can be recycled an infinite number of times, making it a true circular material.

Salt & Stone's mission is to formulate advanced skincare products with an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients. Every Salt & Stone formula is developed by a team of skilled chemists with a strong focus on performance and results. Natural ingredients alone are not enough. They combine the benefits of nature and science with the purpose of creating superior formulations that are extremely effective without the use of harmful ingredients.

They formulate each product using premium active ingredients that are supported by scientific research and clinical results. They believe the products you use every day should work to make a positive impact in your health and wellbeing.

They do their best to leave no trace of their products or brand in the environment. The ingredients are grown and produced in ethical and sustainable ways, without the use of pesticides, and they never use artificial fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates or GMO's. All packaging is recyclable and made from post consumer recycled materials and they never test on animals. The products are also manufactured by renewable solar and hydroelectric energy.

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