Les Tricots d'O

Blue Stripes Oversized V-Neck


This stunning oversized sweater is made 100% by hand (right down to sewing the labels in!) from kid mohair which is a soft comfortable wool made from the long curly hair of the angora goat. It has a beautiful shine, is very resilient and therefore it is used for the most luxurious fabrics. The finest mohair, also called kid mohair comes from the first shearing of a young Angora goat.

Care: A great benefit of mohair is its natural self-cleaning property. Because of this, most dirt can be removed simply by shaking out the item of clothing. For a deeper clean, you can ventilate your mohair item in the open air or steam it in your bathroom. This wool should be hand washed inside-out, using a mild detergent. Press out the water from the wool without wringing, lay flat to airdry.

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