Sustainable Swim

"Every year, 8 million (crikey) tonnes of plastic enters our oceans. Killing wildlife, damaging ecosystems and polluting the big blue. That’s why at Paper, plastic is given a whole new purpose.  In our solid swimwear we use ECONYL, a 100% regenerated Nylon fibre made from recycled fishing nets and any waste products found floating around the ocean. Ghost nets are responsible for entangling millions of marine animals a year, so by removing them from the ocean and turning them into something functional we are helping to clean up the oceans, we think this is pretty darn great! High five to that.

We don’t stop there, we love our textured swim here at Paper, even better as it’s made using REPREVE yarn. Plastic bottles are sooo last season, so why not turn them into a 100% regenerate polyester yarn!? Since 2018 we’ve recycled the equivalent of 112,500 plastic bottles! AMAZING. In addition to this the production of REPREVE yarn emits fewer greenhouse gases, conserves an extreme amount of water and energy compared to making conventional fibres. Who can argue with that.

Here at PAPER we want you to be safe in the sun and wear protection - the good news is that all our ECONYL swimsuits are the equivalent to using SPF50. So you can worry less and have more fun!"

- PAPER London